Praise for ‘Loathing’

I wanted to say kudos to Tim O’Leary on his article, “A Little Less Fear and Loathing” (DM News, Aug. 21). Not only were his words well chosen, the underlying humor was well expressed and very accurate.

As a new member of the Electronic Retail Association board of directors, I applaud Tim for his candid, accurate portrayal of a “typical” ERA convention. And as one who is a marketer and evangelist for the credibility and growth of the direct-to-customer (see, I didn’t just say DRTV) industry, I am proud to say that I am a fellow advocate of Tim O’Leary and his position on this innovative, progressive industry.

I do hope that Tim and I have a chance to meet some day, for I believe that our discussion will be productive and quite likeminded. Be well and I hope to see you in Las Vegas.

Steven J. Edelstein, Managing director, Wallingford, CT

[email protected]

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