PostNet signs Epicor for CRM, loyalty growth

PostNet International Franchise Corp., a global postal, copy, design and print service shop, has sign Epicor as its CRM provider.

Epicor has been charged with helping PostNet develop a long-term CRM strategy, improving upon its previous in-house CRM work, which focused largely on point-of-sale efforts. PostNet’s plans with Epicor also include the development of an improved customer loyalty program and deeper analysis of PostNet’s existing customer database.

“We have a relatively sophisticated point of sale system that captures a pretty decent amount of customer data, and we’ve been using that to make decisions on where and how to drive business,” explained Steve Greenbaum, CEO, PostNet. “But the more we learned, the more we realized we didn’t know, so we started trying to identify the best solution to capture, analyze, interpret and act on customer data.”

PostNet ended up looking at the top five companies in the CRM space and chose Epicor for what Greenbaum called its “diverse background and broad understanding of both traditional and non-traditional retail concepts.” He was also impressed with Epicor’s understanding of the dynamics of a franchise business, like PostNet.

The companies’ first task together will be to better understand the PostNet’s existing data collection capabilities and then determine if it needs to collect more or different information on its customers. The next step will be to analyze the existing data against PostNet’s business goals and then develop a new CRM strategy and build new loyalty programs.

Following the data gathering stage, PostNet will start implementing the Epicor system in September. Greenbaum expects the system to be fully operational by end of year. The end goal is to increase the amount of time customers spend in PostNet locations, the frequency with which they return and the amount they spend.

“We don’t yet have a really good understanding of what other opportunities may exist to cross-sell, up-sell or suggest a sell or what is it about our customers’ habits that we might be able to modify,” Greenbaum said. “That’s really at the heart and soul of what Epicor is helping us accomplish.”

Epicor is also helping PostNet develop loyalty programs that make better use of its customer data. Right now, PostNet’s loyalty programs are volume-based, rather than making offers based on individual shopping habits and motivations.

Many PostNet clients are SMBs, ranging from 4-40 employees, though the company also works to attract general consumers. PostNet uses direct mail and e-mail to direct market to clients and prospects.

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