*PossibleNOW.com Unveils DNCSolution at ATA Convention

ORLANDO, FL — PossibleNOW.com, Norcross, GA, rolled out a new service at the American Teleservices Association's convention here this week that will allow telemarketers to access state do-not-call lists over the Internet and help solve compliance problems regarding DNC regulations.

The company provides a tool kit designed to protect telemarketers from civil suits that could result from DNC list violations, said Kelly Brady, CEO and “chief possibility officer” at PossibleNOW. Five telemarketing companies have been given access to the system as a test. The service will be generally available Dec. 4.

Telemarketers will have up-to-date access to state DNC lists and the Direct Marketing Association's Telephone Preference list through the use of DNCSolution. Eleven states have active DNC lists while two have laws in place that will create DNC lists. The ATA estimates that 10 additional states will consider instituting DNC lists next year.

DNCSolution is accessible via the Internet, allowing a telemarketer to update its DNC records through the use of a browser, Brady said. Telemarketers also can upload their own DNC lists into the system. PossibleNOW will clean any consumer lists that a telemarketer buys.

Telemarketers still will have to pay states for the right to access DNC lists because laws forbid PossibleNOW from reselling the data, Brady said. However, once companies pay the fees, they can throw away the DNC lists they receive from the states because PossibleNOW will manage all the data.

DNCSolution also provides a tool for creating a DNC list policy and a program to train call center agents regarding the use of the lists. When consumers request a telemarketer's DNC list policy in writing, it can be mailed by using DNCSolution.

PossibleNOW will keep a log of DNC list activity to track a company's efforts to comply with state and federal laws, Brady said. When a consumer sues a telemarketer for a DNC list violation, the telemarketer will be able to prove that it actively tried to obey the law.

DNCSolution subscribers who pass a PossibleNOW review will be able to place a DNCSolution “Seal of Approval” on their Web sites. This will deter consumer activists who might consider filing a lawsuit, Brady said.

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