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Polytechnic and Hospital Rooms enhance mental health facilities with impactful art

"Artful Facilities"
“Artful Facilities”

Graphic design studio Polytechnic and charity-based organization Hospital Rooms are embarking on an innovative initiative to uplift the atmosphere of mental healthcare facilities through commissioned artwork. Artists such as Hurvin Anderson, Yinka Ilori, and Shepherd Mayinka, who are recognized for their substantial impact on mental health, will contribute to this project. These collaborations aim to create vibrant spaces to promote emotional well-being.

The bespoke art pieces will be designed strategically, employing colors, materials, and patterns to elevate patients’ quality of life. These designs will offer a diverse range of thought-provoking and calming artworks, demonstrating that art can be a catalyst in transforming mental health facilities into havens of hope and recovery.

Hospital Rooms, an organization born from an idea by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White, is committed to transforming the stark interiors of mental health hospitals into more lively and engaging spaces. The charity’s mission is based on the belief that positive environments can significantly improve mental health recovery, and it works actively with hospital staff, patients, and visitors to achieve this.

On the other hand, Polytechnic has a history of using graphic design to shape public opinion and tackle societal issues.

Enhancing mental health facilities with artful design

Georgia Cherry, co-director at Polytechnic, and her counterpart Arthur Carey found a philosophical alignment with Hospital Rooms, which led to their successful collaborative partnership. Both directors emphasize incorporating education and design to promote positive societal changes.

In a recent project at Springfield Hospital, Polytechnic beautifully captured Hospital Rooms’ transformative impact. Working closely with artists and patients, the design team focused on ensuring each design element resonates within the environment and offers therapeutic value. Their efforts led to an inspiring visual representation of Hospital Room’s philosophy and emphasized the healing power of well-designed spaces.

Overall, taking an innovative approach, the partnership of Polytechnic and Hospital Rooms is actively reshaping mental health facilities nationwide. By integrating impactful art into these spaces, they highlight the essential role of art in promoting mental well-being and recovery. This joint dedication to societal change is propelling the transformative power of design in our everyday settings.

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