Polish Ad Server Offers Downloadable Version of Its Technology

The Polished Group, an ad serving network based in Krakow, Poland, said yesterday that it is making a “lite version” of its Grendel Ad Server technology available to businesses through downloads from its Web site.

A free trial version of the technology is available for a short time for evaluation at http://grendel.tpg.pl.

The company said its Grendel Lite Ad Server is an ad management and tracking system that lets marketers manage ad campaigns through a Web-based interface. Pricing starts at $85. Marketers can target ads based on demographic data and consumer preferences. The system can handle rich media, The Polished Group said. The Linux-based system automatically supplies reports about consumers' activities and preferences.

“The Web site on which an advertisement is to appear contains a special code responsible for sending an advertisement request to Grendel Ad Server along with defined parameters (specifying the space descriptor of the advert on page/Web site, and any available information about the user),” the company said. “Particular ad server components are then responsible for the selection, delivery of ads and of registering of this event in the system database. Based on them, reports can be generated allowing [marketers] to keep track of particular [advertising] campaigns.”

The Polished Group said the Grendel Lite Ad Server is intended to serve at least 1 million ads per month.

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