Pivotal CRM improves mobile functions

CDC Software, a CRM provider, has started using Vaultus mobiScaler in order to better serve users of its mobile CRM product.

MobiScaler encompasses three services: MobiServer, which automates applications and security; MobiClient handset software; and MobiMonitor, a Web-based dashboard for monitoring the system. All three functions will be applied to CDC’s Pivotal CRM system.

“CRM is really comprised of a combination of both internal and external workers, and a vast majority of CRM workers are mobile and need to be connected any time, anywhere,” said Jason Rushforth, VP of Worldwide Marketing for CDC Software. “The real driving force to adopting mobiScaler was from our customer base, and that was driven through business needs — the need to have people with access to information on their handheld devices while on the road.”  

“When you think about mobile and business, the natural place people looked to is CRM because salespeople are very mobile, and there’s the business challenge of the people really driving usage of CRM (who) are only in the office 20-30% of the time,” added Keith Waryas, director of alliances, Vaultus. “When you look at how to drive more productivity in the sales team, giving them more access and the ability to grab information on demand when it’s most pertinent makes them more productive.”

Key industries using Pivotal CRM include financial services, investment banking, commercial banking, healthcare insurance and manufacturing.

CDC has been a Vaultus partner for years, and the companies first worked together to give CDC’s Pivotal CRM mobile capabilities about three years ago. Adding mobiScaler now improves the efficiency and scope of the mobile work that Pivotal users can perform.

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