PIN Refuses Media Placements from Fast Media

Product Information Network, a 24-hour infomercial network based in Englewood, CO, refused a media order for infomercial marketer Video Professor that was placed by recently formed media agency Fast Media Llc., Austin, TX.

Tom Cahill, director of advertising sales at PIN, said the network does not accept media placements from Fast Media because of outstanding invoices owed by American Television Time Inc., the bankrupt DRTV agency in Austin.

Fast Media was founded earlier this year by former employees of American Television Time, Linda and Carol Bartos, a mother and daughter. The company occupies the former premises of American Television Time which are located on property owned by and leased from the International Society of Divine Love, a Hindu temple also based in Austin.

Video Professor remains a client of Fast Media, said Rosario Vigliotti, media director, but it now buys media placements on Product Information Network through another buyer, Tower Media, Chicago.

“We have purchased through both Tower and American at one point,” said Vigliotti, “but right now, as far as I know, there is no PIN or Knowledge [TV] being offered by Fast Media.”

Product Information Network, which is owned by media companies Jones International and Cox Communications, and is carried in 20 million TV households, appeared on the list of top 20 creditors in the recent bankruptcy petition of American Television Time with a claims of about $137,000 on March 9. An American Television Time disclosure statement dated Aug. 11 indicates the agency paid PIN about $39,000 within 90 days of the bankruptcy filing.

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