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Pharmaceutical Company Delivers Cholesterol Drug via DRTV

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc., a 15-year-old pharmaceutical company, late last month launched a short-form infomercial campaign promoting its cholesterol-balancing supplement labeled Lo-Chol.

The campaign consists of 600 five-minute spots and 1,000 60-second spots, which are scheduled to run until the end of January. The spots are initially running in 20 regional Southeastern markets on New Value Club, a national home shopping program. If the spots lead to successful sales, which the company would not specify, the two-month campaign will be followed by a national run on about 550 national cable stations in the United Telemedia network.

The infomercials direct viewers to a toll-free number to order the product. Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals is handling fulfillment inhouse.

In a further effort to increase sales and awareness for its entire product line of “whole-plant” health supplements, the company recently launched a Web site, at www.appi-health.com.

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