Pharma companies offered pre-validated CRM

Verticals onDemand has launched a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM application for pharmaceutical sales teams.

“I think Software-as-a-service is obviously the way things are going,” said Peter Gassner, president and CEO of Verticals onDemand. “All the venture investments and all the new solutions are Software-as-a-Service, and I imagine the market will go that way and our competitors will have to follow us sometime. “

VBioPharma Primary Care Edition is built on the SaaS platform, meaning users access the system and information over the Internet. It provides physician and account profiling and call scheduling, reporting and routing. The system also tracks physician and account affiliations and manages full samples.

A key piece of the VBioPharma offering is that the system comes pre-validated. Under federal law, all technology that touches a pharmaceutical product must be validated — a time-consuming and costly process. VBioPharma is validated by a third party partner of Verticals onDemand before it is shipped out to clients.

“Before, companies had to get systems installed and then bring people on to validate what they had set up,” Gassner said. “Now, we’re doing it once, and customers don’t have to do it any more. It’s a lot of busy work that customers used to have to do, which translated into expense.”

The Primary Care Edition of VBioPharma is composed of previous editions of VBioPharma, including Specialty Care, Managed Care and Key Opinion Leader Management.

“More sales forces are going to be interested in it because it’s designed for a larger group of people,” said Lisa Barbadora, a spokesperson for Verticals onDemand. “It’s comprehensive and integrates all those other editions, which correspond with various sales groups in pharmaceutical companies. Primary Care would be about 80% of the pharmaceutical company’s sales team.”

One client has the new system in pilot right now and is expected to go live in a few weeks.

Verticals onDemand offers industry-specific CRM products to the life sciences sector. The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

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