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Pet Health Insurer Launches Infomercial

Veterinary Pet Insurance has launched a direct response television campaign to tout the benefits and potential savings in veterinary bills consumers can obtain by acquiring medical insurance for their pets.

The campaign involves both short-form DRTV spots and a half-hour infomercial. The infomercial was produced by In-Finn-Ity Direct, Los Angeles.

Hosted by Pat Finn of the game show “Shop Til You Drop” on the Pax Network, the direct response advertisements feature veterinarians and policyholders who give their endorsement to the pet insurance product. J.D. Roberto of the Animal Planet game show “You Lie Like a Dog” also appears.

The advantages of purchasing pet health insurance may not seem immediately obvious to most consumers, said Terry Finn, president of In-Finn-Ity Direct. The ability of long-form television advertising to explain complex subjects, therefore, comes in handy.

Further details were not released. Veterinary Pet Insurance, Anaheim, CA, covers about 6,400 medical treatments for dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.

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