Personify Adds Direct Marketing Enhancements to Essentials

Personify Inc., an e-business software provider, is expected to announce today the addition of direct marketing features to its Essentials 2.5 application and its new Accelerators program.

The goal of Essentials 2.5 is to understand a Web site's audience by integrating clickstream data and registration data to create behavioral profiles. The latest version includes applications for analyzing marketing basics such as reach and frequency. For example, a consumer can be tracked from the first time he sees a promotion to the point at which he makes a purchase.

Accelerators, which can be added to the Essentials software package, looks at customer lifetime value and the reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts. Shopping Cart Abandonment Accelerator 2.5, for example, identifies at which steps of the buying process most consumers drop out.

Its Refer Analysis Accelerator 2.5 allows sites to measure the effectiveness of customer acquisition programs by identifying where the most valuable visitors come from. Its Customer Loyalty Accelerator 2.5 identifies and analyzes a site's most loyal customers to increase conversion rates and lifetime value.

These applications were added in response to clients' needs, said Trevor Rubel, director of product marketing at Personify Inc., San Francisco. “We've done these analyses for 80-plus customers,” he said. “It gives us a way to accelerate their growth and profitability.”

Personify's customers include eToys, and Tupperware.

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