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Personal genetics company 23andMe launches national tv ad campaign

Ever since Angelina Jolie revealed her double mastectomy after learning about an inherited breast cancer gene, interest in personal genetic information has increased exponentially. To capitalize on that, personal genetics company 23andMe recently launched its first television advertising campaign, titled “Portaits of Health.”

23andMe is a Silicon Valley-based startup, best known for providing $99 genetic testing kits that can help individuals uncover genetic information on diseases they might be at risk for, as well as racial heritage. By simply spitting into a small tube that is then mailed back to a laboratory for analysis, individuals can obtain genetic results in a few weeks through a password-protected 23andMe online account.

The campaign focuses on helping consumers understand how they can use personal genetic information to benefit their health.  It features people discussing their real
23andMe results, visualized as graphics to help illustrate what they learned
about their health by exploring their DNA. The goal is to convince individuals to develop a personalized plan to proactively prevent health issues they might experience.

goal with this campaign is to provide consumer education and raise awareness
about the potential of personal genetics, while also establishing 23andMe as a
recognized and trusted brand,” said Andy Page, president of 23andMe. 
“23andMe pioneered direct-to-consumer genetic testing and our investment
in advertising also represents a first-of-its-kind TV campaign that pioneers
advertising for the direct-to-consumer genetic testing industry as well.”

The “Portraits of Health” television campaign will begin with a national buy,
mostly through cable networks.  The company expects to spend up to $5
million in 2013 with additional investment planned for 2014.

campaign was created by Arnold Worldwide in New York, the global communications
company that created one of Adweek’s “Best Female Brand Mascots” and co-created
Advertising Age’s “Campaign of the Decade.”  The production company Buck directed and animated the television

wanted to illustrate the power of 23andMe through the stories of individuals –
highlighting their moments of realization, their feeling of empowerment, and
the impact that it can have on their health,” said Aaron Griffiths,
Chief Creative Officer, Arnold Worldwide, New York. “23andMe is the only
company doing what they do, which makes our responsibility that much greater.
We’re not just creating a new brand, we’re defining a whole new category. They
are an exciting and outstanding partner.”

23andMe vice-president of communication Chris Castro was one of the panelists at our first Hub event, “From Marketing To Social Commerce” where she had hinted at the company’s coming advertising campaign through various channels.  Check out a video of her and other panelists at the event and you can also download an e-book report.

Here’s a look at one of 23andMe’s first TV ads:

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