Pegasystems Introduces New Business Rules Technology

Pegasystems, a rules technology vendor, yesterday introduced a new business rules technology, PegaRULES, and a rules-based work manager for business process automation, PegaRULES Process Commander.

The technology and manager aim to make companies' processes, including those that handle customer interactions, smarter and more responsive, the Cambridge,MA-based company said.

The PegaRULES engine allows companies to aggregate their diverse business rules and lets business managers rapidly implement strategy changes.

The Process Commander, built on the PegaRULES engine, automates manual processes and includes a collection of best-practice rule objects that simplify the intelligent automation of work assignments.

According to Pegasystems, organizations have their business practices buried in manuals, user interfaces, database procedures and application code. These repositories fail to provide the flexibility or cost-effectiveness required by e-business because accessing the practices requires expensive management oversight, manual work and extensive training. PegaRULES standardizes and automates business practices by creating an independent rules layer that can be shared by multiple systems to drive change across an enterprise.

PegaRULES enables nontechnical users to create, modify and deploy rules in real time, while allowing the information technology department to retain control and minimize risk to the production environment.

The PegaRULES engine will be released through the PegaRULES Process Commander in the second quarter. PegaRULES Process Commander will also be available in the same period. Pricing starts at $100,000.

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