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PC Magazine extends brand with new sites

The PC Magazine Network launched three new online offerings last week. GoodCleanTech, Security Watch and mobile.pcmag.com joined an online stable that already included the AppScout, Gearlog and PCMag.com Web sites.

Mobile.pcmag.com, developed in partnership with mDog, is the first mobile site offered by the tech-heavy network. It is a cell-phone ready incarnation of PCMag.com û the main page of the network.

“A lot of our readers want to find our [product] reviews while they’re on the show floors,” said Robyn Peterson, VP of product management and CTO for the PC Magazine Network . “They’re looking for a laptop, and they want to know what our laptop expert thinks of the latest laptop. They can go to the mobile site, type in model name, search our reviews and read them from their phone there in the store.”

The mobile site works from any cell phone and allows searching as well as a news homepage, columns and editor’s choice products. The service is free.

GoodCleanTech covers eco-friendly technology. It also provides tips on how electronics enthusiasts can lessen their eco-footprints and news on what tech companies are doing to make their facilities and products green.

“Green tech and being environmentally safe as far as tech is just something that’s very important now,” said Peterson. “It’s hip, it’s smart, people are very interested in learning more, and we’re interested in bringing that information to the market.”

One story on the GoodCleanTech site describes how McCain Foods is building wind turbines to power a french fry plant in the UK. Another is about batteries that can be recharged with USB cables.

“A lot of people think techies have gadgets that eat up power, but there are a lot of people who want to be environmentally friendly,” Peterson continued. “So we focus on how you, as an iPod-toting hipster, can do your part.”

The Security Watch site taps security expert Larry Seltzer for information about online safety. The site is updated daily for news on the latest viruses, Trojans and other risks.

All three sites will be advertised in the print edition of PC Magazine as well as on sites across the network. Editorial content on network sites will link to contextually relevant pieces on the new sites.

Outside advertisers will be able to purchase sponsorship opportunities on the mobile site. Display ads and contextual text ads are also available across all PC Magazine properties.

Peterson thinks that the array of topics covered on the new sites will appeal to a wide range of PC Magazine Network customers.

“The key is, we’re helping you research and pick the best kind of electronics to buy and how best to use them,” he said.

PC Magazine will be working with mDog to build mobile sites for its other properties in the near future.

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