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Oscar Mayer is No Wiener When It Comes to Mobile

Oscar Mayer may have a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A, but it turns out the Wienermobile brand also has a way with mobile. The Kraft brand partnered with MONTAJ, an iPhone app used for uploading and editing video content, so consumers could make their own commercials centered around the silver-haired straight-shooter “Grandpa Frank,” a character who’s appeared in Oscar Mayer commercials.

“Consumers are migrating to second screens—such as tablets [and mobile devices]—to accompany their television watching experience,” says Tom Bick, senior marketing director of Oscar Mayer. “So, this was a natural way to extend the consumer connection long after they’ve seen the commercial on television.”

Oscar Mayer’s partnership with MONTAJ is a follow-up to its “What You See Is What You Get Food” television campaign, which featured the Grandpa Frank character being a little too honest for his family’s liking. Frank fans are invited to create their own films by uploading their own mobile video footage, inserting “Frankisms” (or bits of bluntness from the senior), and sharing their own web-optimized commercials under the hashtag #TransparentGrandpa until June 13. Oscar Mayer will select its favorite Frank footage to feature on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

“We are in the age of sharing, where people want to show their photos [and] videos through social channels, and it’s important to make that process as seamless as possible,” Bick explains.

Demir Gjokaj, CEO and co-founder of MONTAJ, says creating multi-screen experiences multiplies consumer engagement. A consumer might interact with the branded app for 30 minutes versus viewing a 30 second TV spot; this further drives engagement by giving consumers a participatory role. He adds that this campaign particularly resonates with members of Gen-C–a generation defined by interactions rather than age.

“When you create and actively put yourself forward as creating fun, entertaining experiences, you’re actually building a durable audience that you can call on again and again,” Gjokaj says.

Oscar Mayer is the first brand to work with MONTAJ. In using the app, Gjokaj says Oscar Mayer can share its brand story with consumers, and empower consumers to share their stories with each other.

“In some ways storytelling is all about what marketing is today,” Gjokaj says. “Consumers have so many sophisticated ways to block classic brand messaging. This new paradigm of brand activation is really about getting consumers to really actively engage in your stories rather than view it as that punishment.”

However, Bick admits that ensuring that the app generated a user-friendly interface presented a challenge.

“As with all technology updates and development, there are a lot of steps in the process to ensure that the consumer has an easy and seamless process when all is said and done,” Bick says. “That said, we were very happy with how everyone worked so well and quickly together.”

Oscar Mayer is promoting the campaign via its social channels as well as through digital media buys, including mobile inventory, according to the campaign’s press release.

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