Oralgiene Plans Direct Mail, DRTV for Electric Tongue Cleaner

Oralgiene USA Inc., Culver City, CA, is planning a direct mail campaign and a direct response TV effort later this year to support its newest product, the Electric Tongue Cleaner. The battery-operated device was introduced last year through Sharper Image catalogs and recently became available through several other catalogs, including Brookstone, SkyMall and SelfCare. It also is being marketed on the QVC home-shopping channel and can be ordered directly from the company through a toll-free number. It is being pitched to dentists by dental product distributors, through trade shows and through telemarketing.

Loren Krok, director of marketing for Oralgiene, said the company hoped to launch a direct mail campaign targeting health-conscious consumers by September or October, and hoped to air some direct response TV spots by the fourth quarter.

The company also makes manual tongue cleaners, which it says promote fresh breath and good oral hygiene, and a battery-operated toothbrush for children called the 60-second time machine, which is sold both through retail toy stores and through a Web site, www.timemachinetoothbrush.com.

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