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Optimizely, Hubspot and Marketo are the most widely used marketing tools among enterprise companies

A recent report by VentureBeat’s VBInsight research team revealed the top marketing tools being used by enterprise businesses today.

In its first ever State of Marketing Technology Report, VBInsight analyzed 3.2 million businesses and surveyed 320 marketing technologists to determine which marketing platforms were the most widely used in each market segment.

Here are the top platforms for enterprise level firms:

  1. Optimizely

  2. HubSpot

  3. Marketo

  4. Constant Contact

  5. comScore

  6. Eloqua

  7. Salesforce

  8. MailChimp

  9. Pardot

  10. Act-On

That’s a big win for Optimizely, as it’s the only A/B testing and web optimization platform on in the top ten list, which is almost completely populated with marketing automation platforms. The list is also a wake-up call for companies such as Salesforce and Eloqua, who have long been dominant in the enterprise field but are now being upstaged by companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. Keep in mind that both those platforms started out as catering to midsized and small businesses, but are now actively stealing enterprise customers away from the legacy firms.

Despite the crowded, and highly competitive field of marketing platforms, market penetration remains abysmally low. VBInsight says the top tools only see a 4.1% average penetration, which means there’s still plenty of market opportunity to go around. Speaking to VentureBeat, the report’s author Stewart Rogers says it’s only a matter of time before these platforms see widespread adoption among all verticals:

“Adoption might be low across the Fortune 80 million,” Rogers says with a smile. “But the sheer number of solutions, amount of data they’re handling, and their implications across the entire gamut of sales and marketing strategies tells me that this is the most important technology space to focus on for the foreseeable future.”

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