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Optimize Your Conversion Rates With These Smart SEO Tips

optimize your conversion rates

Ultimately, with the Internet today, everyone has the same goal–trying to get noticed. Everyone is fighting for the online presence that gains them recognition and traction, in some way, shape, or form. For marketers trying to achieve this goal for brands, the way to do this is by focusing on optimizing your conversion rates with SEO strategy. SEO is all about getting your site as high up on the ranks of Google and other search tools as possible. This can be done with a few of the following tips.

In SEO, the conversion rate refers to the number of actions (purchases, adding to cart, signing up for newsletters, etc.) on your site divided by the total number of users that visited your site multiplied by 100. So, in order to optimize these rates, you need to increase the number of visitors on your site. Additionally, you need to increase their completion of your desired action.

Web Design

One of the first and most obvious places to start achieving this increase is by optimizing your web design. If your website looks unprofessional, half-finished, boring, or outdated, no one is going to want to stay on that website. In fact, viewers will likely click out of your site immediately upon arrival. You are looking to pull users in and make them intrigued by whatever you might be offering. The best way to do this is through a fantastic design.

To further improve the conversion rate try to implement web design ideas that are used by the Miami web design experts since they have had huge commercial success over the past years.

If you, yourself, are not a graphic designer, fear not. With user-friendly and free tools out there such as Canva, Wix, Squarespace, and more, there is no excuse for having a poor web interface. These easy-to-use platforms are one of the best ways to create beautiful websites that pull users in and make your product/service desirable.

Additionally, making sure your web design fits your brand identity is also crucial. Having a great web design does not mean you have to use bright colors and crazy patterns to pull users in. This is true especially if that does not fit that which you are selling. Making sure your design and your brand identity/personality are cohesive across all of your platforms is crucial. It maintains brand recognition and increases your conversion rates.


Aside from your design aesthetic, you also need to make sure your site is easy to use and clear to viewers. If people visit your site and have no idea how to find your search bar, for instance, they are not going to stick around all day to look for it. Navigational tools must be clear, simple, and easy to find as soon as people arrive on your website. Technical bugs and issues must be nonexistent as well on your site. If people are wanting to add something to your cart and a bug is preventing the page from loading, you’re missing out on valuable sales and your customers are frustrated. A site without issues is one that creates customer loyalty because they want the ease of use.

Start a Blog

A third tip to increase your conversion rates is by implementing a blog. No matter what you are selling, if you have an audience, they will likely be interested in a blog. Because they’re interested in what you’re selling. Blogs are a great way to create a sense of community within your audience or between your brand and the individual customer. It serves as a way to show your brand personality and values in a way that seems authentic and real. You are not really trying to sell your readers anything beyond your thoughts. Blogs also are a good avenue to implement strong calls to action for your followers (such as “Sign up for my workshop!”). It ultimately optimizes your conversion rates.

Use Analytics

Lastly, you can utilize the countless analytics tools available to measure your audience’s habits, interests, and more. These tools are incredibly easy to use and in turn, provide immensely valuable information about your target audience. For example, on Instagram, you can see the demographics of your followers, how they found your posts, which posts were most frequently shared, reposted, commented on, etc. By knowing this information, you can eliminate posting or creating certain things that don’t have as much traction. Then, you know to increase the content that does! In doing so, you’ll save yourself time and energy. You also build your online presence and thus, your CRO and SEO rates.

These tips may seem small or insignificant. But by implementing them into your everyday business practices, you will truly start to see the impact, one step at a time.

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