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OneSource Debuts Tool for Small, Midsize Businesses

OneSource Information Services Inc. announced the launch today of OneSource Express, a business data tool serving the information needs of small to midsize companies.

OneSource, Concord, MA, a business information solutions provider, is a Donnelley Group company of infoUSA.

Like the firm's primary tool, OneSource Business Browser, OneSource Express is a Web-based subscription service for sales representatives. However, whereas Business Browser offers a deeper level of detail on the 715,000 businesses and 4 million executives it contains, the streamlined OneSource Express contains less data on 500,000 U.S. companies and 20,000 international firms as well as 1.5 million executive contacts.

While a Business Browser annual subscription starts around $20,000 for the first user, pricing for OneSource Express starts at $5,500 for a five-user annual subscription.

“We, as a company that had a significantly high starting price point for smaller businesses, saw that we had many potential users that were interested in our offering, but the conversations would stop with the price,” said Brad Haigis, vice president of products at OneSource Information Services. “It was just outside of the bounds of what they could spend for this type of service, so we were, in a sense, forcing them to go to an alternative.”

OneSource recognized a chance to serve a new market that would not cannibalize its core market of Business Browser users, he added.

Being owned by infoUSA, OneSource had vast resources to pull from in creating the product.

“InfoUSA has a great culture of going after the small- to medium-sized business, and much of the content delivered in this product comes from infoUSA,” Haigis said.

He also noted that OneSource did not define small to midsize businesses by company size, but by revenue, sales cycle and size of the sales and marketing group within the company. He used about $250 million or less in annual revenue as a benchmark, but said that is flexible based on a firm's needs.

Through OneSource Express, a sales person or direct marketer can search across the database through a single interface and download lists of companies and executives meeting his criteria. Available criteria include company size, industry, geography, title and growth rate. The product also contains biographical information on executives, a 12-month news archive and e-mail alert features.

“It doesn't have a lot of that richer, analytical industry research content in it, but nonetheless the users can get a very solid company profile and a strong list of executives,” Haigis said.

He added that it would be a good set of information for people with a tactical sales cycle measured in weeks with an average selling price of five figures and who are focused on executives.

“Besides having what we call the essential information on companies and businesses that will support people's activities in a selling process, one of the things we focused on in this product is allowing folks to download lists from the product in a more liberal way than we allow in our other products,” Haigis said.

OneSource Express Premium includes all features and content of OneSource Express and adds the ability to download unlimited executives for 5,000 companies at a time. OneSource will promote the new product through advertising, direct marketing and keyword buys. A dedicated site at www.onesourcexpress.com lets potential users sign up for a free trial.

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