OneClip Handles Banner Ad Transactions, New York, announced Portable Promotions, a service that handles manufacturer's discounts, coupons and other special offers made through banner ads.

OneClip reimburses e-tailers for the cost of such offers when the user clicks through the banner ad and takes advantage of the offer. OneClip then bills the manufacturer based on the number of redemptions processed.

The service uses the company's back-end technology called Extensible promotions Markup Language, or XpML.

Pricing for the service ranges from 60 cents to $1.50 per transaction, said Henrik Bodenstab, OneClip's co-CEO/co-founder. The fee also includes online real-time reports and invoicing.

He said manufacturers typically assign a ceiling number of redemptions to be processed with Portable Promotions. Once that number is achieved, the promotions are pulled from the Web.

Bodenstab said the ceiling figure enables marketers to know how much inventory the campaign needs before it starts and could work well for manufacturers looking to liquidate product.

Furthermore, the service allows users to click banner promotions for immediate use at a retail site or to save the ads on their desktops for use during the following two days. The service also handles transactions for manufacturers that want to run a promotion with multiple e-tail firms.

OneClip offers inhouse design services for the ads but also takes clients purely for their transaction needs. In addition, Portable Promotions allows marketers to use rich media ad placements and e-mail.

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