Omniture partners with Alvenda to measure Facebook app purchases

Omniture is working with e-commerce vendor Alvenda to add measurement tools to its Facebook application Shoplets, which lets consumers purchase directly via the Facebook app. The Alvenda tool is the latest in a flurry of announcements of tools to measure digital audiences.

Omniture is measuring retail transactions through its App Measurement for Facebook tool. This platform uses Omniture SiteCatalyst’s analytics, segmentation and reporting capabilities for applications built for the social networking site.

“There have been a lot of challenges with being able to measure the value of a social media effort, and the idea is to allow marketers to measure social media interactions,” said Matt Langie, senior director of product marketing at Omniture. “This will enable them to make much more informed decisions that are data driven in social media.”

Alvenda and Omniture did not disclose what retailers are experimenting with the Facebook app, but they did say a major florist is using it. 1-800-Flowers is listed on Alvenda’s Web site as a client. The announcement comes as more brands are trying to monetize the social media space, said Langie.

Last week Nielsen announced a partnership with Facebook to measure audience behavior and social media campaigns. Also last week, Omniture disclosed it is working with comScore to better measure digital audiences.

Langie explained that the challenges of e-commerce sites also occur on social media apps.

“E-commerce has a lot of interesting challenges, like when someone puts a product in their cart, but doesn’t make the purchase,” he said. “You have to look at if the check-out process is too long or too short or too hard to use or if there is a way to offer financing. E-commerce companies are always looking for ways to optimize their businesses to deal with these issues, and Alvenda’s tool is another step in this direction.”

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