Omniture Introduces Rich Internet Application Reporting Solution

Omniture introduced Omniture ActionSource, a Web analytics solution for reporting on Flash-based applications today. 

The solution will help marketers measure and report on rich media, which is increasingly being used to enhance online customer experiences, Omniture said.

ActionSource is unique in that historically, developers have had to manipulate data through JavaScript and ActionScript in order to generate Web analytics reporting on their Flash-based applications.

This two-step process is complicated and cumbersome, and the integrity of the data could be compromised during the translation process from one language to the other.

With native ActionScript tracking, Omniture ActionSource eliminates the programming communication barrier-capturing data directly from the source to provide true and accurate metrics, while also s implifying the analysis processes .

In addition, AutoTrack, a key feature of ActionSource, allows Omniture customers to measure Flash activity without the need to code individual elements of the Flash application. Omniture AutoTrack, for example, can listen for click action to determine if the click is related to a button or movie clip activity, then automatically capture and send that data for reporting-something no other solution has been able to accomplish.

Omniture said Scripps Networks, parent company of HGTV, recently deployed Omniture ActionSource on their Flash-based media player to analyze conversion and traffic of streaming video during their largest converged event to date-the 2006 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway, a live on-air special immediately followed by a live online broadband presentation.

During the on-air broadcast, HGTV encouraged viewers to visit for the live continuation of Dream Home action, touring the home for the first time with the winner and being among the first to know the location of the 2007 HGTV Dream Home.

In just one hour, registered more than half a million server calls, including 120,000 unique IDs (first-time visitors to, with more than 55,000 site visitors logging on to the live video, according to Scripps. Response time page loads also performed 65 percent better than industry average.

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