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Omnichannel or Bust: How to Reach People In The Mobile Era

Wednesday, September 30
1:00PM EST/10:00AM PST

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It’s a new omnichannel world that we’re living in. The rise of mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and wearables, have obscured the lines that traditionally divided digital and offline channels. And, as the number of consumer-owned digitally-enabled devices continues to grow, the lines between digital channels are growing less and less defined. Businesses that focus on serving the person behind their many screens will prosper, whereas businesses that have a single channel focus will fail.

Winning brands will embrace an omnichannel engagement strategy that’s built specifically with their channel-agnostic customers in mind. This webinar will outline the key issues in delivering a seamless omnichannel experience and provide actionable tactics that companies can use to truly communicate at scale.

You’ll learn:
* Why the classic approach to marketing automation is falling short
* The extreme importance of understanding your users personally (and how to do it)
* How messaging can drive great omnichannel experiences
* How to evolve from marketing automation to communication automation, and the results that drives

Featured Speaker:
Douglas Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant

Doug is a Strategic Services Consultant at Kahuna.  Prior to joining Kahuna, Doug spent five years as a mobile researcher & strategist at Forrester. He authored a number of Forrester research reports on mobile strategy and messaging and was a contributor to the well known book, “The Mobile Mind Shift”.  At Kahuna, Doug helps leading companies define and build mobile messaging strategies that drive increased engagement, retention, and revenue.

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