Oklahoma AG Settles With Autodialer Maker

A Houston-based maker of automated dialing equipment used in prerecorded message marketing agreed to cease soliciting Oklahoma businesses to settle charges of state telemarketing law violations, the state attorney general's office said Friday.

CTI Business Management also agreed to pay $35,000 for the state's legal and investigative fees. The company has denied wrongdoing in the case.

According to the state attorney general, which filed charges in October 2002, CTI used autodialers to call Oklahoma businesses and offer to sell them autodialing equipment and technology. Oklahoma law requires calls to be initiated by a live operator, the attorney general's office said.

In addition, CTI committed deception by failing to inform customers of the law and refusing requests for refunds, the Oklahoma attorney general's office said. The state also charged CTI with failing to register as a telemarketer as is required under Oklahoma law.

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