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Ogilvy launches ‘Espresso,’ a PR service for startups

Ogilvy PR announced today that it was launching a new sub brand called “Espresso,” a service geared especially towards startups.  

Espresso is apparently the brainchild of Luca Penati,
managing director of the global technology practice at Ogilvy. “Building
on our strong industry reputation in helping to support and grow some of
today’s biggest brands, Espresso is designed to offer emerging brands access to
our broad network of expertise within a flexible and affordable cost structure,” said Penati. “Developed with direct feedback from the start-up and venture capital community,
Espresso is individually tailored to meet a company’s specific public relations
needs and budget. Those needs range from shaping brand stories to building
exposure to accessing relationships of influence.”

You can check out a more in-depth report by Lindsay Stein over at PRWeek. 

Here’s a video about the new service by Ogilvy:

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