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Novus Acquires Modeling Software Firm, Wenner Titles

Novus Marketing, Tarrytown, NY, has soldified its modeling services for list management clients with the acquisition of DMAS Inc., Shelburne, VT, Friday, which created the software Novus now uses.

Novus had been licensing the software from DMAS for the last 10 years.

With the acquisition, Novus assumes DMAS's client base and licensing

rights to its Advanced Marketing Selectivity System, a statistical and

data manipulation software that direct marketers use to build models.

The value of the cash transaction, which takes effect April 1, was not


Novus List Management president Joanne Capria said the purchase secures

modeling tools for the company without it having to rely on a third-party provider.

“Our decision to acquire the company was based on the great success we

have had with the system over the years and that we consider modeling to

be a critical element to our future success,” she said. “DMAS gives us a competitive advantage.”

The acquisition comes as Novus is preparing to move into a larger office

to faciltate its growth in Valhalla, NY. The Tarrytown office will be closed April 9 with the new office at 400 Columbus Avenue in Valhalla opening April 12. The new phone number is (914) 741-0500.

Capria also announced that Novus will assume management of the 1.5

million-name Wenner Media file April 1. The Wenner titles includes Rolling Stone (790,000 names), Men=92s Journal (367,000) and Us Magazine (300,000). The firm has also introduced two new sampling programs from the Parenting Group, the 282,685-name First Moments Newlywed file of marriage license registrants and the 309,157 First Moments Grandparents file derived from the First Moments New Parents program, and brought to market the 225,000-name Nova Development software buyers list.

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