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Nordstrom catalogs to use recycled paper

Nordstrom Inc. March 7 adopted more environmentally aware practices 
into its catalog program. The decision comes after similar moves by 
Williams-Sonoma, Hewlett-Packard and Limited Brands.
Catalogers have long been the target of environmental activists for 
using too much paper. The rash of green policies from major catalog 
brands could change that, though many direct marketers argue it is 
not economically feasible to switch to environmentally friendly paper.
Starting in April, Nordstrom said it would be the first in the 
specialty fashion arena to print on Forest Stewardship Council-
certified stock with 30 percent post-consumer waste.
“We realize the number of catalogs we send out and the kind of paper 
we use directly affects the environment,” said Linda Finn, executive 
vice president of marketing at Nordstrom, in a statement. “Our goal 
is to keep Nordstrom customers updated on the latest in fashion and 
inspire them to shop with us, but we want to do that in a way we can 
all feel good about.”
Seattle-based Nordstrom said it would source all its catalogs, its 
internal company newsletter – distributed to 55,000 employees, and 
its annual report on paper with 30 percent PCW. Virtually all the 
company’s printing partners will be FSC-certified.
FSC certification ensures that suppliers source virgin pulp from 
forests that meet environmental and socioeconomic standards.
Nordstrom drops catalogs about once a month, although the number it 
distributes has reportedly decreased significantly over the last two 
years due to improved targeting.

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