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No One Mixes Up DMA, DM News

So you offered to mail an ad-free version of inMarketing and the DMA said no (“Shifting the Leadership Paradigm at DMAo05, Oct. 24). “Yes” would have been the right answer. No one mixes up the DMA and DM News. I rarely read DMA publications for news. Conversely, I always (daily) read DM News for news.

My view of the brand identity of the DMA and DM News is this: The DMA is our advocate for national policy and should inform us of its activities. The DMA offers high-quality industry training, world-class conferences and a broad spectrum of leadership forums to develop and share industry best practices. DM News is just what the name implies: news about DM.

The recent decision by the DM Club of NY to join the DMA Affiliate Network is an example of the kind of collaboration and cooperation DM News and other publications hoped for, but did not get, from the DMA – yet. Two years ago, the DM Club backed away from the table when a merger with the DMA was proposed, but the DMA went back to the drawing board and came up with a new model – a strategic alliance – that enabled our club to join forces with the DMA today in a way that makes sense for both sides. Hopefully, this same level of real cooperation will be achieved in time in the publication arena.

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