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NMOA Offers DM Discussion Site

SAN FRANCISCO — The National Mail Order Association is to announce DMchat.com, a multi-lingual discussion Web site for direct marketers, at the DMA show here.

“The new site is direct marketing's only international, [multi-lingual], nondenominational and free-for-all chat room and discussion site,” said John Schulte, president/chairman of the NMOA, Minneapolis.

Schulte said DMchat.com is to be a forum for direct marketers worldwide to share ideas, ask questions, exchange experiences and find business connections.

He also said it would “give small businesses, who have less resources and oftentimes do not have the resources to attend conferences, the opportunity to dialogue with other direct marketers.” Thirty percent of NMOA's members are considered entrepreneurs.

The public chat room lets direct marketers talk with other visiting DMers. Private chat rooms are available, and Schulte said they would allow direct marketers to host or attend an online seminar or meeting.

The planned areas of conversation at DMchat.com are mail order, cataloging, direct mail, infomercials/home shopping and Internet marketing.

“We need a one-stop place to talk DM where everybody is welcome and that doesn't require you to be part of something else to participate,” Schulte said. “This site will also be a good place for DM service providers to hang out. … Where better to find new leads than when people needing help are asking questions about doing something?”

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