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Nike targets young women through interactive video ads

Nike has teamed up with Omnicom agency Agency.com for a new holiday campaign that takes on the cold weather.

Deemed, “2008 Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” the campaign is centered around an interactive video that is running on Weather.com, About.com,  as well as on Nike.com’s homepage and in NikeTown stores nationwide in an extended 45-second version.

According to Agency.com, the challenge of the campaign was how to show a wide variety of products in one rich-media execution. The way they tackled this was to create the interactive video featuring a woman running, walking and exercising in various environments representing different aspects of winter weather to the tune of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan’s version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” As the weather in the video changes, so too does the Nike products that she wears.

The ad lets a consumer rollover the woman at any given time to see all of the sportswear products worn throughout the video. Users can even purchase any of these products from within the banner.

The campaign showcases Nike sportswear products designed for women aged 16-28. The ultimate goal was to drive purchases through NikeStore.com.

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