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NextMark Tool Gains Foreign Currency Feature

NextMark Inc. has added foreign currency capabilities to its Web-based mailing list research system, the Hanover, NH, company said yesterday.

Though the system previously supported only U.S. currency denominations, it now includes capabilities for the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Chinese renminbi yuan, euro, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar and British pound.

“Anyone who uses international lists knows the problem with list research systems whose data cards misrepresent pricing in the wrong currency because they only handle one currency — typically U.S. dollars,” NextMark president Joseph Pych said in a statement. “This often results in invoices that don't match quoted prices, embarrassment and invoice adjustments and credits.”

NextMark's list research system provides online access to 30,000 lists. Details about a 30-day risk-free trial offer can be found at its Web site at www.nextmark.com.

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