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NextMark adds list performance to datacard

NextMark Inc., a provider of tools and resources for buying, selling and learning about mailing lists, has added list performance metrics to its datacard publishing system.

List managers who use NextMark’s system to publish their datacards will now see a chart showing view activity during the trailing 12 months for their lists.

“In today’s ultra-competitive market, list managers need every advantage to succeed,” said Joseph Pych, president of NextMark. “We wanted to help forward-thinking list managers by providing them with better insight into the demand for their mailing lists.”

The List Performance Metrics Tool is free to users of NextMark’s MarketMax SE Datacard Publishing System, which is also free. More information and registration is available on NextMark’s Web site at http://www.nextmark.com/mmse.

“Until now list managers had no quantifiable æbefore the call’ metrics to understand if their lists are advancing or declining,” Pych added. “This is the first tool to provide insight into their sales pipeline.”

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