New York Times’ T Travel ad pages up 6 percent

The New York Times Magazine said on Friday that its spring issue of T Travel will have 98 advertising pages, a 6 percent increase over last year’s issues.

This success comes after the travel publication was named No. 1 in advertising pages for 2006 according to The Publishers Information Bureau. The leading advertising category was hotels, including new advertisers Ultimate Resort and Waldorf-Astoria. Hotel ads will dominate 40 ad pages in the May 20 issue.

“The New York Times’ May issue of T Travel Magazine as a strong appeal to the luxury segment marketers in travel as well as fashion,” said Lou Fabrizio, vice president of advertising at The New York Times. “Our gains in this past issue came from these segments.”

The pages will feature new advertisers including Ilias Lalaounis, Nebraska, San Antonio, Talisker, Visa and a special cover gatefold advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana men’s fragrance by Procter & Gamble Prestige Products.

The New York Times Sunday magazine is distributed through the Sunday New York Times and can be read online at According to Nielsen//NetRatings’ NetView, the Times reaches 17.3 million unique U.S. readers each month through one of its channels.

T Travel editorial content includes travel personalities, vacation stories, shopping insights and business-travel etiquette. The publication attributes much of its success to the strength and appeal of its content.

“Because of our audience, marketers who want to reach an engaged and affluent audience understand the value of the editorial backdrop, which is perfect for their brand,” Mr. Fabrizio said.

A new hire in editorial is also credited with the push.

“The New York Times T Travel Magazine has a new editor, Nathan Lump, who has expanded the coverage to include more user-friendly service with a focus on destinations and products with a great appeal to the readership,” Mr. Fabrizio said.

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