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New owners refresh East Broadway businesses

"East Broadway Refresh"
“East Broadway Refresh”

Ownership of three businesses on East Broadway Street in Wausa recently changed hands. The new proprietors of a coffee house, a bookstore, and a local home goods emporium report that their establishments have experienced increased patronage.

The owners are keen on maintaining a strong presence in the community and have intentions to introduce new trends while still embracing the local culture. They also look forward to fostering a stronger community spirit through events and collaborations.

Bill Schumacher, the new owner of Bill’s Place, appreciates the growth of local businesses and feels a sense of pride to be a part of the town’s economic progress. He views the flourishing local marketplace as a testament to the resilience and unity of the Wausa community.

At Pinky’s Lounge, new owners Kelly and Chris Ferdig took over after health issues forced the previous proprietor to step down.

Refreshed East Broadway businesses foster community

The Ferdigs were regular patrons before their ownership and have prioritized preserving the original spirit of the lounge, including keeping the original name and look.

After taking ownership of Pinky’s, they inherited a substantial inventory, which proved advantageous as they awaited full liquor licenses. Their prior experiences in entrepreneurship, such as owning an automobile transmission shop and a restaurant, provided them with the confidence and acumen to successfully transition to a new venture.

Kelly, inheriting bar management expertise from her parents, a former bar in Wausa, leveraged this knowledge to refurbish Pinky’s Lounge while retaining its traditions. Their efforts to revive the local hangout were well-received, solidifying Pinky’s as a thriving hotspot in town.

Chris Ferdig expressed satisfaction with the response to the revamped Pinky’s Lounge. By preserving its original name and ambiance, they have upheld the unique charm of the establishment.

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