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New Adobe Target Premium takes the guesswork out of audience targeting

At its Digital Marketing Summit in Utah this week, Adobe announced an updated, premium version of its Target software, which now offers automated audience targeting.

The new solution, titled Adobe Target Premium is a more powerful version of Target, which automatically figures out which content will work best on what audience. This removes a fair amount of trial-and-error guesswork for marketers, as the program will, through machine learning, recognize which content or digital asset will work best for a specific audience.

“Adobe Target Premium empowers marketers to create and deliver personalized experiences, without having to guess what their consumers will care about,” says Aseem Chandra, VP Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager. “This is a game changer for digital personalization and proof of our commitment to help our customers maximize revenue.”

In essence, a marketer can line up a brand’s digital assets on one side (for example, images, messaging, ads) and its audience segments on the other (such as people in New York, or people who didn’t check out their shopping cart) and then ask the machine to match which asset will be most effective to a specific audience. So one audience will get a different home page experience that is specifically tailored to them, compared to another which will get the default experience. 

“This takes the burden off targeting decisions for marketers and automates it,” says Gina Casagrande, lead evangelist for Adobe Target.

The other big news for Adobe Target is the much awaited integration with Adobe Analytics. Now users of each platform would have a big incentive to buy the other, as it creates a single view of a customer profile. It’s also a way to see real-time effects of customization and other targeting activities, 

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