NetSuite, eBay create e-commerce solution for eBay high-volume sellers

NetSuite Inc., an on-demand business management software provider, has formed a significant partnership with eBay.

Working together, they have integrated San Jose, CA-based eBay’s online marketplace with San Mateo, CA-based NetSuite’s on-demand business management suite to provide businesses with a solution to sell items on eBay while seamlessly running their business with NetSuite.

In addition, both companies have created programs and initiatives to promote and market this integrated solution to eBay’s high-volume sellers called “Power Sellers.” This partnership marks the first and only on-demand solution to offer eBay auction management embedded as a sales channel along with powerful capabilities to manage all business operations such as inventory, warehouse management, accounting, direct sales, telesales, keyword marketing, e-mail marketing and site hosting. With the NetSuite eBay integration solution, high volume sellers do so much more from maximizing the visibility and placement of their products to initiating Chinese or Dutch style auctions while specifying scheduling, duration and promotions.

eBay has certified NetSuite’s application as a eBay ‘Certified Solution.’ As part of the product partnership, NetSuite will join eBay’s Certified Provider Program and eBay will join NetSuite’s SuiteFlex Solutions Program. Through these programs, both NetSuite and eBay will jointly embark on marketing initiatives including promotion on each other’s Web site, Webinars, newsletters and direct sales campaigns. These sales and marketing programs will convey the business value of combining online auctions with business management tools and show the growth that can be achieved while reducing overall costs.

In other NetUSite news, the company today announced new advanced functionality that extends the benefits of software as a service application to midsized companies’ e-commerce operations. The new features – including multichannel, multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-language support and automated upsell/cross-sell, enable midsized companies to efficiently automate both their business to business and business to consumer operations without the cost and pain of developing complex custom applications.

With the new release of NetSuite, more than 1,500 NetSuite BTB and BTC customers including midsized companies will have more functionality to manage their e-commerce sites, supporting their globalization, multiple Web stores and companies/subsidiaries. NetSuite also brings more business process customization functionality to meet the specific needs of their industry requirements.

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