NetMechanic Seeks Resellers of Web Tools

NetMechanic Inc., Huntsville, AL, recently began targeting business-to-business Web sites as possible reseller partners for its Internet maintenance, monitoring and promotions tools.

The company's offering, called the Partners Program, includes:

• HTML Toolbox 2.0, which checks links for spelling errors in the coding, repairs common HTML errors, such as misplaced tags, and tests browser capability.

• Gifbot, a graphics tool available at no extra cost.

• Search Engine Power Pack, which handles the technical aspects of enlisting with search engines.

• Search Engine Starter. This submits a site to 100 search engines, provides a report confirming each accepted submission and identifies engines that did not accept the submission.

• Search Engine Tracker reports on a site's market position among search engines shared by competitors. Marketers can track their keywords in comparison with the top 15 competing keywords at each search engine. Graphics depicting the results are available with this feature.

• Server Check monitors a site and alerts its company by e-mail or pager whenever the site goes out.

Firms interested in becoming NetMechanic resellers can expect to sign 50 percent commission deals with the firm, although more expensive private-label agreements also are available.

The resellers can offer multiple combinations of the features in a package and then set their own price. Most NetMechanic partners offer two features in a package — for example, HTML Toolbox and Search Engine Tracker — at $25 annual subscriptions. Internet service provider EarthLink Inc., Atlanta, recently signed an agreement to offer the package.

The best candidates to become resellers will have a strong audience of small and medium-sized businesses, said Todd Gandy, director of business development at NetMechanic, because the package was designed for firms with limited promotion and technical staffing budgets.

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