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Nejc Prah rebrands Ljubljana’s creative hub, Center Rog

"Rog Rebranding"
“Rog Rebranding”

Nejc Prah and the creative team, Ansambel, have invigorated the image of Ljubljana’s Center Rog facility, an erstwhile factory turned into a multi-faceted center for creativity. The rebranding was aimed to highlight the unique cultural vibrancy that Center Rog represents and to create a unifying identity for the Center’s diverse sectors.

The rebranded identity includes a bold new logo, a vibrant visual aesthetic, and an immersive website experience that showcases Center Rog’s commitment to fostering collaboration and artistic exchange. By unifying the differing elements into one cohesive brand, the diverse range has been emphasized sanctioning individuality and diversity to shine through within the umbrellaw wide of the rebrand.

Nejc Prah led the project with an emphasis on avoiding rigid rules to safeguard the inclusive and diverse nature of the hub. In a bid to enrich the overall narrative and design, he encouraged multiple teams from across the world to infuse elements from their cultures and perspectives into the rebranding process.

Rebranding Ljubljana’s Center Rog: A diverse creative hub

This allowed for the creation of a vibrant tapestry of varied streams that form a dynamic ensemble.

The revitalized visual experience features a unique blend of illustrations and photographs, eschewing generic stock images for a more intimate look into the operations and the hub’s lifestyle. Intimate photographs alongside hand-drawn illustrations paint a detailed narrative of the hub’s users, their environment, and the machinery integral to their operations.

A bold, attention-grabbing logo has been integrated alongside consistent typography and color schemes creating a unified visual identity. The distinctive logo leaves a lasting impression on viewers, thereby reinforcing brand recognition.

The new identity features four sets of colors that add depth and richness to the overall aesthetic. A palette of 21 shades, centered around a cool-grey base, creates an elegant backdrop that allows the vibrant pops of color to stand out without dominating.

Prah’s design ensures the identity’s relevance and representation of Center Rog’s multifaceted nature, anticipating future growth and adaptability. The identity incorporates flexible elements that can evolve with the Center, preparing for future developments and transformations.

In conclusion, Center Rog’s rebranding has successfully managed to keep up an emphasis on diversity, while also meticulously creating a cohesive and recognisable brand identity that reflects its dynamic and creative vibrancy.

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