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NCR Acquires ATM Management Provider

Data warehousing company NCR Corp., Dayton, OH, purchased Gasper Corp., Beaver Creek, OH, this month in a move that should help NCR offer its clients a full automatic teller machine management solution. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Gasper Corp. will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of NCR and remain headquartered at its current location. Gasper's products and services will be integrated with NCR's product and service offerings. David Gasper, founder of Gasper Corp., will remain its president.

Gasper's products and services, including Gasper Manager, Cash Monitor, Transaction Monitor and Cash Optimization, manage, dispatch, monitor and replenish cash for over 20 percent of ATMs worldwide and 50 percent in the United States. Its customers include some of the largest ATM networks in the world.

The acquisition of Gasper will allow NCR to monitor ATMs' performances, schedule cash replenishments and also send targeted messages to ATM users.

“What we want to do is provide a service and manage the ATM environments on behalf of banks,” said Bill Bray, vice president of worldwide services and infrastructure at NCR. “Maximizing the availability is a key concern for the banks … If you are XYZ bank, and you have an ATM that is not available because it is out of money or broken for a long period of time, this is lost revenue, transaction fees and opportunity.”

NCR can seamlessly feed ATM information into data warehouses so it can track what the performances of the ATMs are, what the patterns are and do a better job of forecasting and predicting high-traffic areas, said Bray.

NCR will be able to extend its customer base by obtaining Gasper's clients, while Gasper will be able to leverage NCR's global presence and its technological leadership in decision-support systems.

Currently, Fleet Bank is piloting NCR and Gasper technology in a number of initiatives, including online Internet service dispatch and remote ATM diagnostics.

“Through these pilots we look to NCR and Gasper to help increase availability of Fleet's ATM network and the productivity of our help desk throughout our growing ATM network,” said Nandita Bakhshi, senior vice president of self-service/ATM banking, Fleet Bank.

Bray said that while NCR is currently focusing on the financial industry, by the end of the year the company will have solutions targeted to retailers who want to manage their in-store information kiosks.

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