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Nashoba student’s poignant poster design shines at charity fashion show

"Poignant Poster Design"
“Poignant Poster Design”

Nashoba Valley Technical High School is glowing with pride as one of its students, Amon Leon, earns kudos for his striking poster design for the institution’s seventh Charity Fashion Show, “You Are Enough.” Leon’s vivid design combined with a powerful ‘You Are Enough’ message, crafted at the artwork’s core, eloquently mirrors the charity event’s essence.

Leon’s artistic inclination led him to outshine amongst his schoolmates, and his poster design now illuminates the event, acting as an embodiment of encouragement for spectators. The high school community celebrates his accomplishment and embraces the optimistic tone his artistic contribution imprints on the show.

The school’s Design & Visual Communications program frequently collaborates with external organizations to create promotional content, notably, Leon’s poster design. The produced works mutually benefit the program and the collaborating entities by presenting an opportunity to flaunt student talent and providing high-grade material to promote their cause.

Leon’s success roots from his unremitting introspection and the progression of his unique style, largely using Photoshop as the primary tool for his design focused on suicide prevention. His design not only appealed visually, but also invoked a feeling of hope while challenging the dialogue around mental health.

Student’s impactful poster uplifts charity event

In partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, Leon’s design promoted a charity fashion show, causing both an impact on Leon and others due to the profound subject chosen. His creations, concentrating on resilience and hope, demonstrated his personal journey and that of young patients at the hospital. His contribution culminated in triggering substantial conversations about children’s health issues while generating funds for the hospital.

Recognizing the poster’s role in the event’s promotion, Laurie Dillon, one of the event organizers, commended Nashoba Tech students for their remarkable graphic design skills. She noted that their expertise was instrumental in creating a captivating poster, translating into the event’s crowning success, and thanked them for their pivotal role in driving event sales.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School strongly advocates teaching its students about societal issues, fostering talent growth with empathy and civic responsibility. The Charity Fashion Show serves as a platform for students to exercise social awareness, community service involvement and showcase their creative talents.

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