Multi-Screen Email Design: Lessons from the Pros

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When: Tuesday, March 5, 2013
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ED

Recently, it seems as if mobile email has become the new hot topic among digital marketers. Much of this conversation centers around the on-screen experience: What’s the best way to design an email so it renders well and drives opens, clicks and, most important, conversions, as well as other desired goals, on the tiny screen of a smartphone, a midsize tablet, and a larger laptop or desktop PC monitor. While certainly an important question to ask, this is only one aspect of an effective mobile and multi-screen email marketing strategy. Before you make over the email message itself, you must first work out many other aspects of your multi-screen strategy.

In this webinar, Silverpop’s Dave Walters will tackle some of the toughest questions about and offer real-life advice for getting multi-screen email right. 

Topics covered will include the following:

  • Learning the implications of each major screen size and device
  • Determining how what devices your subscriber base is using and how and where they are converting
  • Examining the different types of design approaches, such as responsive and scalable, and which is the best fit based on your resources and expertise
  • Creating a consistent user experience across email and Web/landing pages
  • Reviewing examples and key best practices
  • Communicating with your designer and programmer
  • Testing, learning, optimization and measurement/analysis
  • Discussing future trends and predictions – where is it all going

Featured Speaker:

Dave Walters, Product Evangelist, Silverpop

Dave Walters is a 20-year digital marketing veteran with a career split almost equally among Fortune 50 corporations, Top 5 interactive agencies and, most recently, the technology start-up world. As the final businessperson before IT, he typically sits at the intersection of business need and technical build—most often with a marketing-driven view of the world. As a product evangelist, Dave works hands-on with Silverpop customers to sharpen their marketing strategies and architect technology solutions that solve business problems. He most often works with cross-functional stakeholders to bridge the organizational gaps between marketing, IT, operations and executive management.

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