MTPS 2014 Video: Aligning Data & Tech to Achieve Better CX

Marketers face an enormous challenge to meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations today. The key to evolving with customers is to use the wealth of data now available to deliver communications in their present moment and context.

Unfortunately, the same systems that give us this data are also the greatest hindrance to the realization of this future. If marketers are to remain relevant, they must first understand the current-state context of customers and the obstacles preventing us from aligning the reality of our programs with the experiences our customers now expect.

Speaking at the Direct Marketing News 2014 Marketing&Tech Partnership Summit, StrongView’s Katrina Conn, VP of Marketing Services, discusses why marketing leaders must understand the implications of the customer experience and how their marketing technology choices can and should enable the capture, analysis, and insight-driven action of consumer data to deliver on the expected customer experience.

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