MSWinteractive Uses New TV Testing Tool

MSWinteractive is using a new media testing capability by fellow market researcher Greenfield Online that lets clients test video segments speedily with precise target audiences.

Compatible with most browsers, the Greenfield application does not require survey respondents to download special plug-ins or media players. The segment downloads passively during survey participation, automatically detecting the viewer's connection speed for streaming the right bits per second.

“We test TV advertising, so our challenge is always how can we show the respondent the accurate form of advertising,” said Art Klein, vice president and director of MSWinteractive, a division of MSW Research Co., Great Neck, NY.

“We've used it in a number of different types of studies, [with] different respondents and different objectives. The problem is, how do you show a TV commercial, and there are different ways to get around the bandwidth issue. What you need to do is figure out a solution that seems to work in the context of survey research.”

Besides custom projects, MSWinteractive uses the Greenfield media tool as part of its AccuTrack recognition-based tracking service and the Prolog service to expose the early stimuli — early stage, rough or animated TV spots.

Greenfield's existing partnership with Microsoft Corp.'s MSN portal lets the Wilton, CT, company develop a pre-recruited group of respondents who wish to enroll in the online media tests. This entertainment panel will bolster Greenfield's current panel of 1.2 million households.

A media testing survey costs $2,000 for two spots of a total duration no longer than two minutes. Each extra minute of media over two minutes will cost $500.

“In many cases [offline testing of TV commercials] has impacted and driven costs, so you've got two pressures in the offline research,” said Keith Price, senior vice president at Greenfield. “Our technology and process is addressing both those issues.”

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