Most Salient Social Media Marketing Moments of 2014

It’s been an exciting year for social media marketing; some brands have prospered in this ever-changing and highly volatile digital environment. Notable examples include the ALS Association’s insanely popular Ice Bucket Challenge and Shikira’s partnership with Activia. However, this year certainly wasn’t without a number of social media snafus, including Paramount Pictures’ botched TMNT promotion and the reverberating effects of Target’s infamous data breach.

Did I miss anything?

Airbnb Took its Rebranding Misstep in Stride

The travel booking company handled the brief fiasco surrounding its rebranding so well, it was hardly a fiasco at all.

Paramount’s Marketing Snafu Enrages Online Consumers

A little internal communication can go a long way, but a lack thereof can wreak absolute havoc. Case in point.

Brooklyn Nets Reboot a Storied Basketball Brand

Pride. Attitude. A fresh start. You’ll find them all in Brooklyn, as the National Basketball Association’s Nets franchise did by moving to New York City’s most populous and hippest borough.

Shakira Teams With Activia to Conquer Darth Vader Jr.

The Colombian diva’s “trackvertisement” displaces Volkswagen’s 2011 Super Bowl ad as the most shared video ever.

Ferguson Protesters Aim to Influence Black Friday

Retailers’ open season on profits could take a hit in the wake of Ferguson, demonstrating the duality of social media.

Twittersphere Abuzz With Negativity Over Pinterest’s New Brand Leader

The general sentiment is that David Rubin’s success with the Axe brand is unlikely to help him grow the social network’s male audience.

When “Exceeding Expectations” Is an Understatement

The Ice Bucket Challenge engenders a tidal wave of support for the ALS Association.

How Official FIFA Sponsors Are Leveraging The World Cup

Big brands like Budweiser, Sony, McDonald’s, and others are taking good advantage of their association with the FIFA World Cup.

The Tweet Beat: Marketing Heartbleed

No one’s saying the massive security flaw isn’t real—but lots of people are cynically noting how Heartbleed feels like part of a marketing campaign.

Target CEO Quits in Shadow of Data Breach

Fallout from the data breach claims Gregg Steinhafel, who, as leader of the retailer, claimed personal responsibility for the invasion of millions of customer records.

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