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Monster.com debuts ‘Monster Success Stories’ campaign

Monster.com launched an online marketing campaign September 15 that showcases the success stories of its users. The campaign includes e-mail, CRM, a sweepstakes, social media, online video and banner ads.

Monster.com worked with numerous agencies on the effort. The Marketing Arm is the lead marketing agency, while Porter Novelli is the lead PR firm and Fanscape is the social marketing shop.

The “Monster Success Stories” campaign encourages consumers to share their recollections of finding the jobs they loved through Monster.com. It is the job site’s first foray into testimonials.

Jeff Greenler, VP of global branding at Monster.com, said job boards are challenged to show off their success.

“There is not really an incentive for a job seeker who may have found a great job through Monster.com to close the loop and share their story,” he said. “We have always wanted to find ways to start to bring our users great stories to life.”

The timing was perfect to try to stimulate inspiration with the economy still struggling, said Greenler.

“With the backdrop of this current economy, we figured that it is more important now than ever to give people hope,” he said. “We are trying to inspire people. We know it is hard out there, but you can go out and find your dream job. You don’t have to settle or sit on the sidelines.”

To motivate people to share their stories, Monster.com is running a sweepstakes, encouraging consumers to visit www.success.monster.com and disclose how they found the right job or to share general tips and advice. Entrants will be eligible to win one of six prize packages. Winners will be chosen on or around October 6, November 8 and December 6.

To promote the sweepstakes, Monster.com is sending e-mails to its members, posting notices on social media sites, and running banner ads on YouTube. The company is also working with ad networks Tribal Fusion and Specific Media.

To seed the campaign, Monster.com worked with The Marketing Arm to create videos for three different success stories. Greg Drevenstedt found his dream job as road test editor for Rider magazine the very first day he looked on Monster.com. The video showcases Drevenstedt traveling the world to test and evaluate new motorcycles and gear. The site also includes video profiles of Alexis Tirado, the head blogger of Alicia Keys’ new website IAmASuperWoman.com, as well as Dan Blasini, who found his dream job working with injured soldiers returning home.

“The best way to give people hope was to inspire people with other great success stories,” said Nancy Mammana, VP of The Marketing Arm. “With the site we are hoping to encourage other people to continue looking for their dream job even in these tough economic conditions.”

Monster plans to take the campaign global.

“We hope it will grow, breathe and evolve as people share their stories,” Mammana said. “The site is designed to grow as the content grows.”

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