Money Mailer signs ePrize for sweepstakes component

Money Mailer has partnered with ePrize to add an online sweepstakes to its direct marketing efforts.

The ePrize promotion, which applies to Money Mailer clients at the local, regional and national levels, allows advertisers to combine direct mail campaigns with interactive online promotions. Recipients of Money Mailer envelopes will be given advertisers’ individualized URL addresses, which will have the same look and feel as the printed mail piece. When they sign on to the site, consumers will be asked to register for a chance to win a $10,000 cash sweepstakes.

Money Mailer COO Steven Gray said it was ePrize’s Caffeine program that piqued his interest in partnering with the company. “Caffeine is primarily focused on local advertising markets to allow small to medium companies to get into a sweepstakes for a nominal fee,” he explained. “That was an opportunity that fit our business model.

“We know promotions aid a response and allow advertisers to accentuate their brand and collect data on consumers,” Gray continued. “On a local and regional level that becomes difficult, so by presenting this opportunity we can bundle the sweepstakes with our shared and one-to-one solution to allow advertisers to harvest data and promote the brand.”

By asking consumers to register for this prize, Money Mailer gains names, addresses and e-mails of interested consumers, which its advertising partners can use in other marketing efforts. The company already keeps a database of income and demographic information for mailing zones.

Money Mailer and ePrize will provide full support for advertising partners, including database reporting and in-store and online banner advertisements. The company is also preparing to add a mobile coupon component to its bundled services. Money Mailer works with the ad agencies of its larger, national clients to produce the creative for the ads, but for smaller, local clients, Money Mailer does most of the creative work in-house.

The first and second quarters of 2008 will be an evaluation period for the partnership. Mail pieces featuring the sweepstakes will be sent out, and results will be audited. If successful, the partnership will continue for an unspecified length of time, with ePrize hosting two major sweepstakes drawings this year.

Money Mailer works with close to 300 franchises in 33 states, as well as with national companies such as Budget Blinds.

Headquartered in Detroit, ePrize specializes in interactive promotions and one-to-one marketing. Clients include Coca-Cola, American Express and Disney.

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