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Mobile rewards startup Kiip introduces self-serve platform for brands

The mobile rewards startup Kiip, which allows brands to offer rewards to consumers for playing games or using apps is automating its service for clients.

Brands can now create reward campaigns through Kiip by logging onto its platform, deciding what kind of promotion to run and then choosing the apps it will run in. This can now all be done directly through the platform, without engaging a Kiip representative. Kiip will also track the engagement analytics for each promotion.

Kiip says this allows brands to “reach mobile users when they’re happy.” For example, upon completing a level in a game, or achieving a task in a fitness app, the user will receive a popup promotion rewarding them for the activity. This can either be a discount, giveaway or free trial, depending on the company.

Brands already taking part in the Brands already taking part in the program include ProFlowers, BeachMint, Hulu, Shutterfly, Vistaprint and Homejoy.

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