Moat and Madison Logic Data Team Up on B2B Ads

Moat, an ad analytics company, and Madison Logic Data today announced a partnership aimed at delivering better display ad targeting to B2B players.

Madison Logic Data, a provider of demographic data to top publishers, catalogs online activities of business buyers under 2,210 categories such as accounting, marketing, social networking, and lead generation. That granular detail, together with Moat software aimed at increasing viewability and optimization, should provide B2B marketers with more exact intelligence on how their ad dollars are spent online, says a principal in the deal.

“Advertisers and publisher are trying to move away from click-through-rate as a metric. It’s a poor metric for publishers to use to show advertisers that the right people are engaging with their ads,” says Madison Logic CEO Erik Matlick. “Moat has the analytics interface and the dashboard to show viewability and impressions. We add to that the data on personal behavior and company demographics to show what ads are performing best in what situations.”

One large publisher that had started using both companyies’ services prior to the the formal partnership is Forbes. “We’re excited to see a strategic partnership formed between these two companies,” said Forbes VP of advertising products and strategy Ann Marinovich in a press release announcing the pact. “The combined analytics form Madison Logic Data and Moat will allow us to provide greater demographic and intent management metrics to both our advertisers and BrandVoice marketing partners.”

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