MKTG releases online system for education, library marketers

MKTG Education Services has released Edu-Data Online, an online system that lets education and library marketers run market counts and order contact lists quickly and easily.

Edu-Data Online gives marketers access to institution and personnel selection attributes for the school, college, academic library and public library markets.

“Our strategy is to give our customers online marketing tools that make it faster, more convenient and less expensive to run counts and orders, anytime of day or night,” said Lisa W. Schmucki, chief marketing officer, MKTG Services, Wilmington, MA.

“We wanted to create a powerful application that provides mailers and brokers with comprehensive list selections in an easy-to-use interface,” she said. “With Edu-Data Online, it’s easy for mailers to run multiple scenarios and ensure they are optimizing the selections they need to improve their return on investment.”

Education marketers are becoming more and more sophisticated and want access to better technology for working with education data.

Since only the largest and most tech-savvy companies can afford to lease education data and build proprietary systems, most companies have to rely on the sales teams of education data providers to run counts and orders for them. This often creates a delay in the process.

Edu-Data Online provides access to almost all of the selections that would previously be available only through a data provider’s sales team.

“As a marketer or broker you can never get the counts and orders you need fast enough,” Ms. Schmucki said. “Plus, having your hands on the data gives you direct access to the full range of selection options with the ability to run as many scenarios as needed to get the list just right.

“Counts and orders are available in minutes,” she said. “The low minimum order charge saves money and is particularly valuable for niche marketers who are very profitable but frequently pay minimum order charges.”

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