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Mint budget app scheduled for 2024 shutdown

"Mint Shutdown 2024"
“Mint Shutdown 2024”

Mint, the widely-used budget management app, is set to shut down on March 23, 2024. Intuit®, the app’s operator, encourages users to switch to other in-house financial management platforms – TurboTax® and QuickBooks® – as it intends to concentrate more on integrated financial solutions.

This closure is part of Intuit’s strategic refocus. For current Mint users, migration to these Intuit platforms could provide access to a selection of budgeting and financial management tools. To facilitate a smooth transition, Intuit provides assistance and specific guidelines for data migration, urging users to do so promptly to avoid any complications.

Options for alternatives to Mint are, fortunately, numerous. Credit Karma and Rocket Money are two viable budget management apps. They provide useful insights into spending habits, alert users of overspending, and provide a comprehensive view of one’s financial health, such as account balances and credit card debts.

Migration alternatives after Mint app shutdown

These tools can be incredibly helpful in effectively managing your finances.

Credit Karma, a free app, matches Mint’s money-tracking capabilities, with additional features like credit reports overview and credit usage advice. Its unique offerings include free tax return services and extensive guidance on improving credit scores. However, comprehensive budgeting tools, including investment tracking and bill reminders, may not be available as they were in Mint.

Rocket Money offers a personal finance toolkit that allows users to manage their expenses, budgets, balance notifications, and subscriptions with an option to cancel unwanted subscriptions in its premium version. Also, premium users gain access to a bill negotiation service, where a representative dialogues with lenders to attempt reductions in bills.

Security measures at Rocket Money include an encrypted token for accessing transactional data, 256-bit bank-level security, and the use of Amazon’s secure web services for server hosting. It offers features like credit score review, budget creation, and savings goal setting. The app can be conveniently downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or accessed via the web.

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